#WEGOTWORKTODO is a brand birthed upon the very essence of inclusion. Its origination started as a slogan and grew into a movement. #WEGOTWORKTODO does not target a singular audience, ethnicity, or origin. 

After 17 years  cheerleading, Tristen set her sights on leaving her mark at Muskingum University. Last year, she joined the track team, in her first season her goal was to beat the school record, she is a go-getter, and I knew that once she set her mind to it, it was going to happen. In her first year, she met that goal and is now first in the record books for the longest javelin throw in Muskingum school history. Her goal this year? To make it to Nationals. Again, I have no doubt that she will achieve it. She has already succeeded in beating her previous record, in only the second meet of the season! Walking away with first place in both meets. She will graduate in May with her BA in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice.

As 1 of 8 kids, she has faced much adversity in her life, and she is only getting started. The #wegotworktodo movement is something that she firmly believes in and can’t wait to see what she achieves with this additional motivation behind her. 

I’m 20 years old with two kids. I work a full time job & enrolled @ UC to start in May. Since I’ve had my most recent baby girl. I’ve been dedicated to get my health and lifestyle back on track. Losing over 35 lbs since I had her, and still continuing that process. I make it a goal to go to my trainer 3 times a week as well as going to the gym in between. With the support of my family and friends I manage to get it all accomplished. Not to mention just this past week I officially moved into my very own apartment with my two daughters. I am so blessed and grateful for everything I’ve been able to accomplish. And I still have so much more work to do!! Jarrell and this movement motivates me to get it all done!
Thank you!


My Name is Maria Haley I started in late July beginning of August of 2017 when I was the heaviest I have ever been weighing in at 235.6 pounds. I felt uncomfortable, unattractive just ashamed and depressed. So I started my weight loss journey where I lost 8 pounds in one week using Herbalife. I continued on my journey with Herbalife and then was coached into I can also help others who are trying to get healthier and begin their lifestyle journey such as myself. I became a distributor for Herbalife and now I search for others who want to start a healthier lifestyle. As of the date April 2018 I have lost 45 pounds and lost 8 inches. I am in the process of starting a walking club where we can get healthier together, some people need someone to hold them accountable and a partner in this journey. That is me 🤗. I'm soon to be pound fit  certified so I can bring more activities into not only myself for a healthier lifestyle but also others. I'm also registered to do the Pittsburgh marathon as a relay runner to do 6.5 miles and to be a runner of a cause to fight against hunger and I'm doing this in Honor of Jarrell Marsh AKA Agent 0. #wegotworktodo #wegotowork

I'd like to recognize my son, Nikko for overcoming some obstacles and maintaining the work he needs to do for his future. To start he had a terrible injury in basketball that left him on crutches for 2 mos and out for his season. He battled the pain and therapy to try out for the older league and made the team as well. 

During the time he was down he spent time in his school's weight room where the track coach noticed him and asked him to try out for discus throw and shot put. He has excelled and placed in top 3 for discus so far.

Nikko also got his service project approved through boyscouts..the final step towards the highest rank of eagle. He has planned and developed his idea and faced many challenges and overcame so much adversity in scouts to get to this point in literally brings me to tears.

My son is my hero. He has done all this while transitioning to high school and making the academic high honor roll all 3 quarters so far. I appreciate your movement and clothing to contininue to inspire him!

#Wegotworktodo in this family all the time.



When I graduated high school I originally attended college at California State University Bakersfield and played college soccer. I became sick and was hospitalized for 2 weeks with a stomach virus. I decided to come home and be with my mom. After returning home I did not return to school right away. I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend and was just working. I was lost for about a year and a half and I was really letting my family and myself down. I knew I wanted a degree so I decided to change my major and go back to school to become a Dental Hygienist. It is a very competitive program that not many people get into the first time applying. The average acceptance gpa for the program is a 3.7. While working 35-40 hours a week I was in 16 credit hours trying to obtain a very high gpa. After being off from school for so long I was worried I was going to get kicked in the butt in the classroom. The complete opposite happened. I have never been more determined to accomplish something so I told myself I would do EVERYTHING in my power to do well that way I would be able to honestly say I did everything I possibly could have. That’s exactly what I did, meanwhile earning a 3.8 gpa for the year. I have never studied like that before in any of my years of schooling, and I feel prepared for the rest of my schooling to successfully finish out and become a dental hygienist. I may have received great news by getting accepted, but I immediately knew #WEGOTWORKTODO


I was working full time at skyline in forest park and going to school at UC blue ash. A week before finals week I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was rough I had morning sickness almost the whole 9 months. I was pretty exhausted the whole time. Didn’t go back to school. I had my son in December 2016.  Then started working part time at skyline and at a retirement home as a Resident assistant when my son was about 3 months. And then i just went to the retirement home full time working 1st and 2nd shift.  Even working a 16 hour day every other Friday.  Then this year I decided to go to STNA classes at Alia Healthcare Services. I finished classes first week in June.  I took the test July 16,2018. And passed the test and will be moving to a different floor at job.  But it will be a consistent full time day shift schedule.  So i will get nights with my family. 

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